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The most common cancer striking infants... Yet you've probably never heard of it.

Grace's Story

picture of Grace Scasny

Born March 10th, 2004 Grace Ashley Scasny was the apple of her mother and daddy's eyes. Grace was a very active little red head always keeping her parents on their toes. In November of 2005 at 20 months of age Grace began to get ill frequently and no antibiotics seemed to be working to knock out the sickness. In January she again was sick and frustrated with the lack of answers her parents took her to Texas Children's Hospital.

On January 14th 2006 Grace's parents were told there was a tumor in her abdomen. In an instant Grace was transformed from an active fun loving toddler to a cancer patient with Neuroblastoma. Chemo treatments began almost immediately to try to kill the vicious cancer. Gracie was such a trooper through all of her treatments. She always had a song to sing and on her good days you could find her marching the halls of the ninth floor at Texas Children's Hospital.

In May of 2006 the day her family had long awaited was here. Grace would have surgery to remove the tumor from her body. After 18 hours in surgery the doctors were proud to report that they had removed 95% of the cancer, with only a small piece (the size of the end of your pinky) remaining.

After more chemo to try to kill the remaining 5% Grace would go through more testing to see how the cancer was shrinking. The tests revealed to Grace's parents that the Neuroblastoma had spread rapidly and there were now 34 spots all over their precious two year olds body.

For the next four months Grace underwent every treatment suggested by doctors but to no avail. The cancer continued to spread in Gracie's little body. On September 11th her parents were told there was nothing left to do. On October 7th 2006 Grace Ashley went to be with Jesus at just 2 years old.

Grace's fight has ended but the battle is not finished. The research and awareness of Children's Cancer and Neuroblastoma must continue.

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With the goal of improving community awareness, raising funds for neuroblastoma research, and celebrating the lives of children living with and surviving neuroblastoma, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Annual "Amazing Grace" Golf Classic.

Join Ryan Pickett, Joe Martinez and more! We will spend a day together filled with joy, hope, and promise of children held strong in our hearts. We will come together in support of grossly underfunded but incredibly important research.

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